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Taking things in life and making them your own is most challenging, but that is exactly what Victoria Lily Robertson accomplished in her role as Dia during our run of SUMMER ROCK a new musical. All of her training that she has worked hard for in acquiring the skills necessary to release them on stage were clear in her recent performance as Dia. 

In addition to her amazing performance as Dia, her credits include The Sound of Music (Brigitta), Mulan (Mulan), Annie (Miss Hannigan), High School Musical (Gabriella Montez), and Shrek (Dragon). I wish I could have seen her as Miss Hannigan.

Victoria is from South Jersey and involved in New Jersey’s Theatre Alliance in addition to, musical theatre training at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia and New York City’s Theatre Resource Unlimited.

The past school year, she served as student council and serving others through community service. This coming school year Victoria enters High School where I am sure she will play an active role in theatre, student government, and continuing community service.

When not actively training, Victoria enjoys playing softball, field hockey, volleyball, (I bet she can spike), and looks forward to continuing her pursuits of sports in high school. When it comes to Baseball and Football, she is a Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles fan. 

It was a pleasure having Victoria Lily Robertson performing the role of Dia in SUMMER ROCK a new musical. We look forward to her future achievements in theatre and beyond.

Until the Next Time,

Daniel Orama

Daniel is a highly sought after industry professional in voice instruction, especially in the art of breathing. He is an accomplished vocalist, performer, composer, People of Godspell Producer, produced and directed Esther the Musical. Currently, Daniel produced his rendition of “A Christmas Carol” and composing another new musical debut release summer 2016 He is the founder of The School of Singing, Orama Theatrical Enterprises. Daniel’s first musical based upon a Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” had it’s NYC debut December 4, 2015 at The Davenport Theatre. For more information on Daniel’s expertise, visit