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“A 60-year-old man with systolic heart failure is admitted to the hospital for shortness of breath. You are making rounds when the nurse calls out that the man has collapsed in his room. You look at the telemetry monitor at the nursing station and immediately recognize that the patient is in ventricular tachycardia. After you shock the patient, normal sinus rhythm is restored and the patient recovers.” This excerpt was quoted from “How Cardiologists Think” journal article by John E. Brush, MD. Read more to meet Vanessa Urzia.

Okay, so what does cardiology and SUMMER ROCK a new musical have in common? Vanessa Urzia! Vanessa, from the age of three, spoke of her desire to be a heart doctor. It was not until the age of five that she discovered how to say the word Cardiologist. Vanessa is an amazing young talent made clear by her original audition, her talent was noticeable among many that auditioned. In addition, her excitement for the arts produces the heart of a great young performer.

Vanessa, born in Manhasset New York, has a passion for the arts in Theatre, Music, Acting, and Modeling. A few of her accomplishments include lead roles in a short film Alibi (2015) and Sisters (2016). Her most recent accomplishment is shooting a film called “Are You Wild Like Me?”

When she is not busy in her performance career, she loves traveling, oddly enough, she is a Minion Traveler in SUMMER ROCK a new musical, which is one of the most exciting things that has happened to her. Vanessa enjoys soccer, swimming, horseback riding, karate, singing, and above all, acting. She loves going to Broadway shows with Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera being her favorites. 

Vanessa takes acting and singing lessons and she is a lead singer in a band called Wicked Lizard. When she is not acting and singing, she loves to ride her bike, take in the beach, and fish on her Uncle’s boat. On top of all of her accomplishments and busy life, she has managed to garner a 4th tip green belt in mixed martial arts.

We are so excited for when this bright young performer takes the stage in her role as Traveler and Minion in SUMMER ROCK a new musical. In the meantime, enjoy a special message from Vanessa Urzia.

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Daniel is a highly sought after industry professional in voice instruction, especially in the art of breathing. He is an accomplished vocalist, performer, composer, People of Godspell Producer, produced and directed Esther the Musical. Currently, Daniel produced his rendition of “A Christmas Carol” and composing another new musical debut release summer 2016 He is the founder of The School of Singing, Orama Theatrical Enterprises. Daniel’s first musical based upon a Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” had it’s NYC debut December 4, 2015 at The Davenport Theatre. For more information on Daniel’s expertise, visit