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The exact words I have heard so far, when Riley Finkle takes the stage, she lights it up. Upon seeing Riley in our first rehearsal, she held nothing back. If you remember, the first cast teaser video, she was the one with the rockin’ flying hair. I just knew this show was going to be good.

Riley, was a student council representative for her class and is on the campaign trail, Riley Finkle for Class President in 2016. In addition to her campaign, she is active in choir, musical theatre, which comes as no surprise, plays the violin in orchestra, and sings and plays bass for her school rock band. Yes, this young lady has an amazing amount of energy as you will encounter in her role of LUV in SUMMER ROCK a new musical.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching horror movies, the ones that have the cheesiest effects. Her favorite horror flick is Elves, which is a tale of evil Christmas Elves, but her favorite movie of all time is 10 Things I Hate About You because in her own words, “Hilarious!”

Her favorite musical is The Producers and when she first watched the movie, it was love at first sight and sound. She had the honor of meeting Matthew Broderick at an acting workshop she participated in, turning out to be one of the best days of her life.

Some of her favorite places to visit is New York City and she is ecstatic to be spending her weekends there thanks to SUMMER ROCK. Riley loves exploring the hiking trails and caves in Pennsylvania, which is no surprise for this amazing, adventurous, gifted performer. 

Riley loves musical theatre and loves the idea of a profession in a rock band. Without question, she is a performer who could very well garner a career in either field. The life of a performer is hard work and dedication, which is so evident in Riley. She is at home on stage and loves it to the core of her being.

So now comes a crazy visual, Riley eating an entire frozen pizza in three minutes. Okay, go it? I don’t know about you, but this one cracked me up. Eating a frozen pizza in three minutes would make for a very funny scene.

We are so excited to have Riley in the role of LUV and get ready to “Energy Up!”

Now, enjoy a special message from Riley Finkle.

Until the Next Time,

Daniel Orama

Daniel is a highly sought after industry professional in voice instruction, especially in the art of breathing. He is an accomplished vocalist, performer, composer, People of Godspell Producer, produced and directed Esther the Musical. Currently, Daniel produced his rendition of “A Christmas Carol” and composing another new musical debut release summer 2016 He is the founder of The School of Singing, Orama Theatrical Enterprises. Daniel’s first musical based upon a Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” had it’s NYC debut December 4, 2015 at The Davenport Theatre. For more information on Daniel’s expertise, visit