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I am sitting here at Ripley Grier Studios after our 5th rehearsal and the Portalites Cast did an amazing job today. Thank you Colleen and Chasida from the Burning Rock Cast for filling today. Within 20 hours of rehearsal time, they have managed to assimilate the script and music, which puts us in good shape for our opening in 20 days. Yes, 20 days!! I remember when we were talking about SUMMER ROCK a new musical auditions back in December of 2015 during our production of A Christmas Carol a new musical.

We welcome Delaney all the way from Houston Texas as she arrived yesterday, Friday to assume her role on the SUMMER ROCK Creative Team.

Today, we had the opportunity to begin working more with the Travelers to have their moment in the show. I love when LUV pulls out a, wait a minute, I can’t reveal that surprise. It is amazing how quickly SUMMER ROCK moves. It is definitely turning out to be the show of high energy further complimented with some intimate moments. I do have to say, the intimate moments are intense, which keeps the show moving right along. 

I continue to be in awe of how much work has been accomplished in just five rehearsals. So much so, I would like to recap.

  1. We are running through both acts from start to finish.
  2. We exceeded our Indie Go Go goal.
  3. We have 79 tickets left in total. 
  4. Recorded 22 songs of the cast recording in 10 days. 
  5. 80% completion of the SUMMER ROCK set.

Finally, we thank all of you for your support as it has made what can be a monumental task just a little bit lighter.

Until the Next Time,

Daniel and The SUMMER ROCK Creative Team and Cast