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To say that we have been hard at work is an understatement, which is why I needed to blog on the last 10 days of SUMMER ROCK. Over the last 10 days, the amount of work that the SUMMER ROCK Creative Team and cast have accomplished deserves credit. 

Alex Watkins-Lopez was the main reason we were able to accomplish recording 11 songs. 11 songs, that’s not too bad, but when you add two casts that consist of 15 in one and 21 in the other, that is a tall order to organize with a strict deadline, not mentioning a total of 21 recordings in all.

We had to bring in our recording equipment into our rehearsal at Ripley Grier Studios. Alex set up the recording equipment with the rest of the creative team assembling walls with fabric that would become our SUMMER ROCK vocal studio room. It was awesome! Oh yeah, lets not forget that we had to turn off the AC in order to keep it from bleeding into the recording, which made it uncomfortably hot. Needless to say, no one in the cast or creative team complained, but rather pressed on to accomplish our goal of the SUMMER ROCK Cast Recording.

We are looking forward to hearing the final product to bring to all of our SUMMER ROCK a new musical fans. Thanks again to all of the creative team, Amanda, Marissa, Nico, Alex, and Tami for an amazing job well done.

Until the Next Time,