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SUMMER ROCK a new musical’s rockin’ first rehearsal. Cast and parents begin to walk in, nice greeting exchanges take place, but you can sense something in the air. The adrenaline is beginning to pump, the butterflies are beginning to flutter, and for a moment, the awkward silence.

Wait! Stop right there!! I thought you said this was a rockin’ first rehearsal! Yes it was!! Our first production meeting commenced, the atmosphere of feeling comfortable began to take root. I have to admit, these first meetings with parents can be a little nerve wrecking. Parents appreciate that we take the time for them to get an idea of who their children are going to spend the next two and a half months in production. Being parents ourselves, we get it and is the why of why we have these first meetings. Needless to say, we had an amazing orientation and everyone left with a sense of excitement.

Now, the moment the cast had been waiting for, going through the script with that small voice saying, I hope this show is good. Believe me, I would have the same reaction, but I could tell by the look of the cast, they were in for a roller coaster ride this summer. The seriousness was quickly overcome by laughter while the cast got into their roles. I always say, never be embarrassed to embarrass yourself when performing because if you do, it will only hinder your true potential. 

We had so many special moments during our time together. A few of the cast were not able to attend the first rehearsal due to performances, but we were able to either Skype or Face Time with them. We had so much fun saying hello to them and were able to share in a few minutes gleaning from where they were and what they were up to. We thank them for finding a couple of minutes from their already crazy day of performances.

If you were to corner me in giving you one highlight I enjoyed throughout the rehearsal, it is the bonds I already see happening as that is the path to a wonderful experience and performance run. Okay, I admit, the SUMMER ROCK chant at the end of rehearsal was hilarious with heads and hair flying through the air. Enjoy!

Summer just got itself a new set of heroes! We look forward to an exciting run of what I know will be the roller coaster ride of the summer.

Until the Next Time,
Daniel Orama